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Equipment List

At Drone LA we pride ourselves on having all the latest cameras and drone gear. With the ever advancing tech in film, we want to be able to offer any drone service needed. 

Red Gemini 

Red Komodo 

Alexa mini 

Alexa LF 

Sony Venice

Black Magic Pocket 4k


Freefly Alta X 

Inspire 2 X7

Inspire 3 X9

Mavic 3 Cine

iflight Protek 60 Komodo

iFlight Taurus X8

QSL Siccario FPV  Komodo


Atmos Sumo 19 in 4k

Small HD 7in 4k

Black Magic 5in

5 million insurance 

Night wavers 

film permits

Local 600

Part 107


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