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Available Services

   Cinematic Drone work

For Cinematic Drone work we fly the Inspire 2 X7. This drone give us a powerful image with a small payload. This drone is perfect for music videos, movies and commercials. 

Real Estate

At Drone LA we use a combination of drones for real estate work. Small FPV drones for interior work and Inspire 2 drones for exteriors. Drone work can  really elevate the scale and production value of any real estate video .

Heavy lift 

For heavy lift we fly the Alta X and the Alta 8. With a heavy lift drone we can lift up to 20-25 pound payload. We can fly Alexa mini ,  Red Gemini as well as many other camera and lens options.


Drone deploy and the Inspire 2 combo are the best for photogrammetry. With the long flight times and the  X5S camera we are able to capture stunning high res photos. These translate into a beautiful 3D model

Cine FPV

For Cine FPV we  fly the Siccario with the Red Komodo or the iflight 60 cine whoop. These camera and drone combos have been used in the recent Michael Bay film Ambulance.With cine fpv you can get  that high energy dynamic shot.

Inspection and Thermal

For inspection we use the Matrice 300. We inspect industrial structures and power lines. This is helpful for discovering gas leaks and heat signatures.

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